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porcelain clay and lamp
23 Oct 2001 to 11 Dec 2001  ... page in process






The foyer of the Economist Magazine building surrounds its central lifls/services block  The NW side is the entry area and reception; its SW side is a seating area; Angela's installation runs continuously along its NE and SE sides like a long tattered 'carpet'. 


(pic: 11-12-2001_f37 / to EEN)

From St James Street up onto the Economist Plaza - the Economist building is the tallest tower. 


(pic: 18-10-2001_f29 / to NE)

Economist building foyer - S side from SW corner.

(pic: 18-10-2001_f28 / to SSW)

Economist building foyer - S side from SE corner.







Over about 11 months, from late 2000 to Oct 2001, much of our home was transformed into work space for the production of "Economist Carpet", which increasingly required surface-space for the manufacture of its 'raw material': naturally cracked fragments of porcelain-clay woven 'nets'. 


For ## years Angela had been making works and sketches using clay 'straps' and latterly clay weavings. Their eventual culmination was this large installation: "Economist Carpet". She subsequently reused the clay pieces in two installation works: Patcham church 2003 [p2] and Borough Market 2006 [p1]. 


(pic: 09-11-2000 ~ 22-18hr_f19)
Home L0 Studio:

At this time it seems that an "Economist Carpet" was not in prospect, that this porcelain-clay test was simply another in a long series of such investigations into the formal possibilities of clay 'straps' and 'weavings'' (which included a public outing as "Bed & Pillows" in Cable Street Studios 06-1996). Torn paper was also being investigated at this time.
Real-time pic note: A is doing a second session of work on a new arrangment of the clay fragments. This time it's motivated by the prospect of a show/installation at Pascal's private gallery in an 18thC weaver's house, 5 Princelet Street.

(pic: 12-11-2000 ~ 22-40hr_f26)
Home L1(W):

Angela's work-room sometimes became a studio overspill space for experiments - in this case weavings of clay 'straps', torn fabric, and clay+fabric. These were stimulated by the prospect of an exhibition in 5 Princelet Street Gallery (which in fact became the "Silk Installation" [ref: p3]).

(pic: 06-08-2001 _f19)

Home L0 Studio: 
aking a test fragment of the intended 'carpet' using pieces that resulted from the natural cracking of woven porcelain clay 'nets', such as the one drying on the floor. Stacked around the edges are broken-off pieces of previously dried nets - Angela is beginning to 'manufacture' these clay fragments for the Economist installation.


(pic: 06-08-2001_f21)

Home L0 Studio: 

(pic: 08-08-2001_f27)
Home L0 Studio: 
In pic 1 (9-11-2000) Angela was making this large test-sketch for the 5 Princelet Gallery

(pic: 08-08-2001_f29)

Home L0 Studio: 

This first major test of the main features of the 'carpet'.

(pic: 23-08-2001 ~ 19-35hr_f19)

Home L0 Studio: 
Real-time pic note: Three days ago A made a huge 'net', and two days ago moved its (naturally) cracked pieces apart to dry quicker.

(pic: 24-08-2001 ~ approx 17-00hr_f35)

Home Yard: 
A has started making a {small) net for "Economist Carpet" in the yard. 

(pic: 04-09-2001 ~ approx 21-08hr_f12)

Home L2(E): 

The small-scale un-organised production of net fragments has by now grown into an organised 'cottage industry', mainly based in the two joined rooms at the top of the house, normally used for leisure rather than complex essential tasks. A has even enlisted friends in production - in their own homes and subsequently in Camberwell Art College

Real-time pic note: A is weaving again (since she came back from work) - filling in the last empty corner of the three 8x4ft hardboards.

(pic: 08-09-2001 ~ 16-50hr_f19)

Home L2(E): 

The small portion of the room not yet woven-over retains its social function. Here the table is "prepared for 'casual' supper for two helpers-weavers".

(pic: 17-09-2001 ~ approx 11-40hr_f34)

Camberwell Art College - Wilson Annex:
Angela (plus invited friends) has been using this studio for about a week.

Real-time pic note: Angela's 'weaving room' in its final state; we must now clear it. At its inception A laid the long pieces because she wanted to define 'a sort of completion in relation to the room'.

(pic: 23-09-2001 ~ 13-10hr_f28)

Home L2(E): 
Real-time pic note: Yesterday evening we cleared the floor and started a new piece (D's ia near the window) - it's begun to dry and has cracked severely already. A keeps making little 'tests' - she has a problem about lights: wants a portion lit, but how/with what - her usual crude 'board-light' is being used again here ... tests and understanding accumulate steps: upup, down to the side, and up again ...

(pic: 23-09-2001 ~ approx 18-25hr_f34)

Home L2(E): 

(pic: 24-09-2001 ~ approx 08-10hr_f35)

Home L0 Studio: 
Real-time pic note: Build-up of boxes of 'parts' for "Econ-Carpet".


(pic: 26-09-2001 ~ 08-55hr_f1)
Home L2(E): 
Real-time pic note: Angela stripped the table yesterday evening and we (almost) covered it with 1 bag of clay.

(pic: 26-09-2001 ~ 12-10hr_f12)
Home L2(W): 
The west-room has become a sort of 'holding area' for the adjoining east-room. Still used for small necessities (nothing very 'settled' - the weaving has precedence over all the other activities): writing, sitting and reading, making diagrams, taking photos, telling-the-time; plus needs associated with the weaving itself: washing hands, waste disposal, a space to dump tools (vacuum-cleaner, etc) ... the result exemplifies a type of order that is unresolved and replete with small conflicts - it conveys a sort of 'boredom of irresolution', an ugliness of irreconcilable and temporary uses - ie: it's uncaring for the luxury of clarity. The only consistant ordering factor is access (mainly to the sink, in the corner behind us) - this has lined up the chairs like a hedge beside a path, and even extends into the east-room between table and floor-weaving to the window and music-machinery (the latter has retained some ordering-control - music is needed during mundane repetitive (weaving) work).

(pic: 01-10-2001 ~ 10-40hr_f13)
Home L2(W): 
The chaos of conflicting functions is intensifying! Space must be made for more floor-weaving in the east-room, so the dining table's been moved into this smaller west-room, however it's also been covered in weaving; the small glass table is cleared for rolling clay and all the chairs pushed to the rear, further reducing their usability and even obstructing the sink.   

(pic: 01-10-2001 ~ 22-25hr_f18)
Home L0 kitchen: 

Real-time pic note: Angela's kneading into 'snowballs' clay that has been drying out. The worst of the Camberwell Art School friends' weavings were 'melted down' - amounting to half a bag of wet clay. When solid enough it will be re-woven'. At this time it had almost reached its normal (as bought) condition. This is the last of the clay.

(pic: 03-10-2001 ~ 14-00hr_f21)
Home L2(E): 
Real-time pic note: I've [D] just done another ft-wide strip near the window, and finished the 3/4 bag.

(pic: 05-10-2001_f27)
Home L2(W): 
Real-time pic note: Even more conflict and mess - diverse functions grab what corners they can as more space is used for storage.

(pic: 06-10-2001 ~ approx 21-00hr_f28)
Home L2(E): 
Real-time pic note: The last of the clay has been laid (by A) and now we wait for it all to dry before we can have our top floor back foir 'leisure' use! A is already doing colour-bulb tests on a little x20-piece 'sketch'.


(pic: 07-10-2001 ~ 01-17hr_f36)
Home L2(E):

Real-time pic note: A's been experimenting with red light on a new sketch.

(pic: 12-10-2001 ~ approx 10-12_f13)
Home L2(E): 
Real-time pic note: The last of the weaving (using left over helper's clay) was done on Wednsday, under the left window. The whole room will be cleared now - this is the last view (as left last night) of floor-weaving, before clearing and taking all its pieces to the Economist building tomorrow (Saturday).

(pic: 13-10-2001_f17)
Home L2(E): 
Except for a small 'test-piece' and boxes this east-room is now clear of weaving.

Real-time pic note: A cleared and boxed all the weaving fragments yesterday - it will be taken to the Economist today.

(pic: 13-10-2001 ~ approx 9-40_f23)

Home L0 Studio:

Waiting to be taken by van to the Economist - there are boxes filling the studio and more in the back room.






(pic: 13-10-2001_f34)
Economist Plaza :
The first hired-van load of broken net-pieces have been driven to the Economist building. This is the first of two days transporting. The boxes are being moved from the adjoining road up onto the Economist Plaza and from there into the Economist building's foyer. Angela & I are taking turns to carry them from van to top of steps, and from there into the foyer.

(pic: 13-10-2001 ~ approx 15-30_f33)
Economist Building's foyer :
The first few boxes in the foyer.


(pic: 13-10-2001 ~ approx 17-30_f37)
Economist Building's foyer :
Real-time pic note: All the boxes in this (Saturday) van batch - another tomorrow - are lined up inside the foyer.


(pic: 14-10-2001 ~ approx 12-00_f1)
Van :

Day two (Sunday) - The van is being loaded from the house.


(pic: 14-10-2001 ~ approx 13-45_f4)
Economist Building's foyer :
Real-time pic note: The complete work (in boxes !).


(pic: 14-10-2001 ~ 14-05_f7)
Economist Building's foyer :
The whole NE side of the foyer with all the boxes. The work starts ###







(pic: 31-10-2001_f36)
Work title in the entrance/reception area of the foyer. 

[The title has been shortened to "Carpet" - is the word "Economist" copyrighted !?].


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